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In response to the implementation of the National “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan”, the establishment of an industry-wide open, shared, collaborative innovation ecological environment, and the creation of a global top artificial intelligence product application innovation exchange and cooperation platform, the new generation artificial intelligence industry technology innovation strategic alliance will started to build the online intelligent expo, AIExpo365, to achieve 365 days of full-time online and offline display, supply and demand docking, and the promotion of artificial intelligence industry transactions and cooperation.


As the unified display and docking window of the “National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Open Innovation Platform”, AIExpo365 will update the latest construction progress of the National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Open Innovation Platform established by the Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as the leader, innovative technology, outstanding Products, solutions, industry applications, etc. will be continuously and concentratedly displayed, which fully reflects the national platform's industrial drive, radiation, and demonstration results, so as to promote them to better play the role of leading industry demonstration and support, and support the participation of the entire social innovation team, SMEs Innovative research and development of next-generation artificial intelligence technology to promote the diffusion and transformation of AI technology achievements. The full-time online display, communication and interaction will definitely increase the stickiness of exhibitors and enhance the industry's agglomeration, competition and cooperation effects.



Artificial Intelligence Industry Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance(AITISA)


Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee

Undertaking Office:

Suzhou Qizhi Innovative Technology Co. Ltd


Suzhou Industrial Park Technology Development Co.Ltd
Zhongguancun Audio and Video Industry Standard Innovation Alliance(AVS Industry Alliance)
 Suzhou Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Shanghai Jiaotong University 
Suzhou Industrial Park Artificial Intelligence Industry Association

Strategic Cooperation Partner:

Huawei ︱ Pengcheng Laboratory 

Legal Advisory Firm: Shengtang Law Firm


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