About Suzhou Qizhi

Suzhou Qizhi Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance" (AITISA) and also an achievement of the cooperation between AITISA and Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee. This company is responsible for the mission of the Alliance Suzhou Innovation Center. The company and Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee jointly host the specialized, market-oriented and international "Global Artificial Intelligence Product Application Expo (AIExpo)" featuring "new-generation artificial intelligence". The company will also assist the park in setting up the Suzhou Artificial Intelligence Commission, the Artificial Intelligence Industry Fund, and Qizhi Open Source Platform Suzhou Center to support the construction of a new generation of artificial intelligence innovation and development test zone in Suzhou.

The "Global Artificial Intelligence Product Application Expo" will adhere to the concepts of "specialization", "marketization", "internationalization", "socialization", "platformization", and "ecologicalization" of artificial intelligence. Research institutes, authoritative alliances, and industry associations gather industry leaders to build a high-end AI service platform for “result display, new product release, resource sharing, transaction financing, and experts gatherings”.

Guidance Unit:

Suzhou Municipal People's Government 


Artificial Intelligence Industry Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance(AITISA)

Suzhou AI Collaborative Innovation Center

Undertaking Office:

Suzhou Qizhi Innovative Technology Co. Ltd

Suzhou Industrial Park Science & Technology Development Co.Ltd


Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee


Zhongguancun Audio and Video Industry Standard Innovation Alliance(AVS Industry Alliance)

Suzhou Institute of artificial intelligence, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Suzhou Industrial Park Artificial Intelligence Industry Association

Strategic Cooperation Partner:

Huawei ︱ Pengcheng Laboratory 

Legal Advisory Firm: Shengtang Law Firm


For Exhibition and Sponsorship, please contact Ms.Feng:18550360060 or Mr.Zhang:15506292881 For Conference, please contact Mr.Zhan:17366125566 For Media cooperation, please contact Ms.Cui:15931096177
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