Background of the Expo

In response to the nation ’s new-generation artificial intelligence industry technology innovation strategy deployment and creating a global top-level artificial intelligence field product application innovation communication and cooperation platform, The "Global Artificial Intelligence Product Application Expo" ("AIExpo2023") guided by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the People ’s Government of Jiangsu Province and organized by Suzhou Municipal Government and Artificial Intelligence Industry Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance(AITISA) will kick off on June 25-27,2023.

AIExpo2023 aims to explore the transformation path and method of the innovation achievements of AI technology applications, build a cross-border integrated intelligent economic form, construct a national new generation artificial intelligence open innovation platform and ecological chain partners' centralized display platform and invite representatives and experts from well-known domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and leading enterprises to share their thoughts and insights of this industry. Relevant government officials will attend the conference to inspect the platform's industry chain achievements and examine the platform's industry drive, radiation and demonstration results.

AIExpo2023 will integrate exhibition, conference, competition, award, and performance into one, to release the latest scientific research results, display cutting-edge product applications, select three major awards and set an example of outstanding industry.

Highlights of the Expo

  • 10000+ square meters’ exhibition
    Appearance of the national open innovation platforms
    200+ well known companies and teams
    1000+AI products and solutions

  • High-specification opening ceremony & main forum, with industry leaders from academia and business circles from multiple countries on stage, more than 20 industry summits covering all major directions of AI.

  • For high-level large-scale industry events, it is planned to invite artificial intelligence players in the field of artificial intelligence to compete on the same stage, focusing on multiple scenarios and interpreting the development height of artificial intelligence with strength.

  • The AIExpo2023 series of awards, in addition to the original three awards of outstanding innovative companies, individuals and products in the field of artificial intelligence, will add four categories of innovation awards :the most valuable investment projects, the most potential enterprises, outstanding investment institutions and excellent ecological partners.

  • Fun artificial intelligence supporting performances, to create a fun, easy to use, good-looking intelligent product performance platform, open the interaction window between black technology and the audience.


Guidance Unit:

Suzhou Municipal People's Government 


Artificial Intelligence Industry Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance(AITISA)

Suzhou AI Collaborative Innovation Center

Undertaking Office:

Suzhou Qizhi Innovative Technology Co. Ltd

Suzhou Industrial Park Science & Technology Development Co.Ltd


Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee


Zhongguancun Audio and Video Industry Standard Innovation Alliance(AVS Industry Alliance)

Suzhou Institute of artificial intelligence, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Suzhou Industrial Park Artificial Intelligence Industry Association

Strategic Cooperation Partner:

Huawei ︱ Pengcheng Laboratory 

Legal Advisory Firm: Shengtang Law Firm


For Exhibition and Sponsorship, please contact Ms.Feng:18550360060 or Mr.Zhang:15506292881 For Conference, please contact Mr.Zhan:17366125566 For Media cooperation, please contact Ms.Cui:15931096177
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